Cotton producers of Ahal, Balkan, Lebap and Mary regions start sowing

Important agricultural campaign – the cotton sowing, has been started in the country. According to the schedule approved by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers on March 19, cotton producers of Ahal, Balkan, Lebap and Mary Regions have started sowing as of today, farmers of Dashoguz Region would join them on March 31.

Cotton production is one of the leading branches of national agricultural complex, which provides a significant input to implementation of the government programs in import substitution and increment of export potential of the country. Last year, the cotton producers have exceeded their contractual obligations, having delivered more than 1,250,000 tons of raw cotton to the state.

620,000 hectares have been allocated for cotton this year. Private agricultural producers, who received land from special agricultural Land Fund, will also participate in cultivation of the crop.

Generally, it is planned to produce 1,250,000 tons of cotton in the country, including 280,000 tons in Ahal Region, 10,000 tons in Balkan region, 275,000 tons in Dashoguz Region, 320,000 tons in Lebap Region and 365,000 tons in Mary Region.

Selected cotton seeds, which medium fiber species are traditionally cultivated in all regions of the country, have been prepared for the sowing. It includes such breeds as Yoloten 7, Dashoguz 120, Dashoguz 114, 149F, Gubadag 3, Yoloten 39, Jeyhun, C 2006, which are distinguished with early ripening, increased productivity, length and purity of fiber. Following soil and climate conditions, the sowing of fine fiber cotton, in particular, Yoloten 14, is made in Ahal and Mary Regions.

More than 7,600 various tractors, more than 1,700 sowing machines, over 5,500 cotton cultivators and other agricultural equipment providing uninterrupted conducting the sowing as well as further agricultural works will be used in this year campaign. 436 teams including maintenance technicians and fixers, have been formed up in the districts. The teams are provided with portable workshops, welding machines and vehicles for fuel supply.

New equipment, in particular sowing machines and tractors provided with telematics digital electronic system, which were bought from the world leader in manufacturing of agricultural equipment, John Deere, would be taken to the fields.

Necessary conditions have been made on sites for 24/7 service and maintenance of equipment, work and rest of machine operators and other participants of the sowing campaign.

375 biological laboratories, which work in districts and farming associations for provision of farmers with eco-friendly and economically beneficial production used for pest control, are being prepared to new agricultural season.

Production seminars with participation of the heads and representatives of regional and district administrations, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection, the Türkmenstandartlary General State Service, State Commercial Daýhanbank, public organizations, elders, scientists, machine operators and tenants have been held on the threshold of the sowing campaign in Gyavers Farming Association, Ak Bugday district, Ahal Region, Watan Farming Association, Charjew district, Lebap Region, Milli Goshun Farming Association, Mary district, Mary Region and Goch Farming Association, Serdar district, Balkan Region.

Organized and timely completion of the cotton sowing, thorough compliance with agricultural standards, stages of cultivation of cotton, increase of production of agricultural crops, improvement of soil condition, rational use of land and water resources as well as protection of plants from pests and weeds have been discussed at the seminars.

Exhibitions of agricultural equipment and production of processing facilities of agricultural complex of Turkmenistan have been organized under the events on occasion of start of the sowing campaign. Musical, folk and dance bands of the region prepared their creative gifts for the cotton producers.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan