The grain harvest begins in Turkmenistan

As is known, the Leader of the Nation blessed the beginning of the harvest in Akhal, Lebap and Mary velayats from June 4 this year, and in Balkan and Dashoguz velayats from June 11, and asked the honored elders to give a start to the harvest campaign by tradition.

On June 4, the ceremony of launching the harvest campaign began with a seminar in the House of Culture in Anev city of Akhal velayat. The speakers noted that this year the Akhal grain cultivators have grown an abundant crop of the Turkmen white wheat, and it is of paramount importance to harvest it in a timely manner and without losses. Then an excursion was organized to the National Museum «Ak bugday» in the city of Anev.

Further, the grain harvesting campaign launching ceremony participants rrived at the venue for a solemn event in the field of the Abadan Farmers’ Association in the Ak bugday etrap, where, under the leadership of the honored elders, the grain harvest started.

Then a number of high-performance combines entered the fields and began harvesting grain in large quantities. As a result of the well-coordinated operation of modern agricultural machinery, the first ton of wheat grain was gathered. Thanks to the comprehensive support by the Esteemed President to the country’s farmers, the tenants of Akhal velayat have grown a rich harvest of wheat this year.

The festivities were continued with performances given by culture and art figures of the velayat. The songs and melodies glorified the native land rapidly advancing towards new progress under the wise leadership of the Esteemed President, as well as one of the main wealth of the country – white wheat.

A seminar organized by the traffic and fire safety departments of the Akhal Velayat Police Administration was also held in an active manner. The attention of the participants was attracted by the exhibitions, which showed agricultural machinery, high-yielding wheat varieties, and bakery products. A very interesting moment was the loading of golden grain onto specialized trucks designed from combine harvesters. Then the procession of trucks, loaded with the first wheat harvest, drove towards the reception centers.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

 Photo by Mered ROZIYEV