President of Turkmenistan holds a working meeting on seasonal agri-works

Today, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has conducted a digital working meeting to discuss the grain harvest campaign’s implementation progress. Among those taking part in the meeting were the Cabinet Deputy Chairman in charge of the agricultural sector, Dashoguz velayat khyakim and etrap khyakims of the northern region.

The head of state gave the floor to Vice-Premier E. Orazgeldiev to report on the progress of the harvesting operations and steps taken to ensure quick and loss-free harvesting.

As of today, 591, 242 tons of wheat have been harvested countrywide that is 42.23 percent of the production targets.

Dashoguz velayat khyakim N. Nazarmyradov was the next to inform about the harvest progress in the region. As reported, local farmers have grown heavy crops in the region’s 145, 000-hectare wheat area. This year, Dashoguz grain producers are set to gather 265, 000 tons of ak bugdai (wheat).

More than 34, 000 tons have been harvested by now in the wheat area of 18, 756 hectares. Thus, the production plan is 12. 96 percent executed, with an average yield of 18.3 centners per hectare.

This harvest season, 439 combine harvesters and 28 wheat-receiving centers are operational in the velayat. On instructions from the head of state, mobile shops have been provided for the farmers. Performances by artists and other services were also organized to ensure interesting leisure-time activities for them.

S. A. Niyazov etrap khyakim B. Handurdyev covered the ongoing agri-campaign in his report. As noted, with the area seeded to wheat totaling 16, 000 hectares, the etrap is expected to harvest 31, 200 tons of grain.

At present, 58 high-performance harvesters and 290 trucks are operating smoothly in the fields. The harvested wheat is being transported to four grain centers. The etrap’s production targets are now 13 percent met (with a yield of 19.5 centners harvested per hectare).

In his turn, Rukhubelent etrap khyakim D. Gujukov informed that high-yielding crops of grain had been grown in the etrap’s wheat seeded area of 10, 000 hectares. Etrap farmers are expecting to produce 16, 500 tons this year.

At the etrap grain growers’ disposal are 16 harvesters and 80 trucks. The harvested wheat is being continuously delivered to the wheat-receiving centers. To this date, 2, 126 tons have been brought in from 1, 269 hectares (with a yield of 16.8 centners per hectare). The performance plan is 12.88 percent implemented.

The ongoing harvesting operations were in the focus of the report made by Boldumsaz etrap khyakim B. Arazov. As reported, bountiful grain crops have been raised in the etrap. Local grain producers are set to harvest 18,500 tons from the total wheat area of 10,000 hectares in the etrap.

34 harvesters and 170 trucks are now in operation in the etrap. By now, local farmers have brought in 2, 398 tons of wheat from the harvested area of 1, 295 hectares (a yield of 18.5 centners per hectare). Their production targets are 12.96 percent reached.

In his report that covered the harvest progress, Gubadag etrap khyakim H. Nurjanov informed about good wheat crops grown this year that marks the 30th anniversary of our country’s independence. With the 13,000-hectare area planted to wheat, 24, 000 tons are expected to be produced in the etrap.

The grain harvesting operations are now progressing rapidly in the etrap. A total of 3, 129 tons of wheat have been already harvested from the area of 1, 694 hectares (a yield of 18.5 centners per hectare). The performance plan is 13, 4 percent complete.

The report also contained the information about 38 harvesters and 190 trucks working in two shifts. The harvested crops are being transported without delay to the wheat centers that boast suitable storage conditions.

In his report Gurbansoltaneje etrap khyakim O. Amanov addressed the ongoing agri-works and the rich harvest grown in the etrap this year designated as ‘Turkmenistan: the Land of Peace and Trust’. 50 high-capacity combine harvesters and 250 trucks are now at work around-the-clock in the etrap to ensure timely and loss-free harvesting operations with 4 grain centers receiving the harvested wheat.

With the wheat area covering 17, 000 hectares, the etrap is planning to produce 30, 500 tons this year. Thus far, 3, 958 tons of ak bugdai have been harvested from 2,205 hectares. The production targets are 12.98 percent achieved (a yield of 18 centners per hectare).

The measures taken to step up the agri-campaign and ensure loss-free harvesting operations were the key issues the report made by Akdepe etrap khyakim B. Gylyjov was focused on.

With the wheat seeded area in the etrap totaling 19, 000 hectares, tenant farmers are set to produce 34, 500 tons. Since the start of the harvest season, 4, 459 tons of wheat have been harvested from 2, 454 hectares (a yield of 18.2 centners per hectare) and delivered to the grain centers. The local grain growers’ contractual obligations are 12.92 percent fulfilled.

59 harvesters and 295 trucks are now operating at full capacity in two shifts. The harvested wheat is being delivered to the grain centers without a hitch. The khyakim assured that every effort would be made to successfully achieve the performance targets.

The ongoing massive harvesting operations and the practical steps taken to speed up the campaign were in the center of the report made by Saparmurat Turkmenbashi etrap khyakim S. Meredov.

The etrap, which has grown the excellent wheat crop in the total area of 28, 000 hectares, is expected to produce 50, 500 tons of ak bugdai this year.

The high-performance farm machinery purchased on the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan has allowed the local farmers to harvest 6, 494 tons of wheat from 3, 599 hectares (with a yield of 18 centners per hectare). The production plan is 12.86 percent executed.

The digital working meeting continued with a report by Kounyaurgench etrap khyakim M. Gurbanov, who informed that hard-working tenant farmers are expecting to bring in 30, 800 tons from the total wheat area of 17, 000 hectares.

The local growers began the agri-campaign with the approval given by the President of Turkmenistan and by now have harvested 3, 981 tons of wheat from 2, 197 hectares (a yield of 18.1 centners per hectare). The grain production targets are 12.93 percent met. The etrap producers have 51 high-capacity harvesters and 255 trucks working in two shifts at their disposal. The harvested grain is being delivered to the wheat centers without delay.

In his report, Gerogly etrap khyakim B. Mammedov addressed the harvesting operations and the abundant ak bugdai crops grown in the etrap. As noted, the grain growers are expecting to gather 28, 500 tons from the total wheat-seeded area of 15, 000 hectares.

With the harvest season continuing apace, the etrap has already harvested 3, 729 tons of wheat from 1, 961 hectares of farmland (a yield of 19 centners per hectare). The plan is 13.08 percent implemented. The combine harvesters, trucks and grain centers are operating in a flowing and effective manner.

Then, the President of Turkmenistan had a conversation via videoconferencing with combine operator D. Kurtbaev from Gerogly etrap.

After a warm greeting, the nation’s leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov asked the combine operator about his life and work, and then proceeded with questions about the ongoing harvesting operations. The head of state was interested to know if the crops grown in the etrap were abundant this year and about the production capacity of combine harvesters. As the President of Turkmenistan highlighted, the government will continue to fully support the agricultural sector to ensure its development and provide better living and working conditions for the rural population.

Noting that the people have everything necessary to work diligently and improve their wellbeing, D. Kurtbaev expressed sincere gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on behalf of his fellow combine operators. As informed, Gerogly etrap boasts rich grain crops this year. Powerful high-production agri-machinery regularly purchased thanks to the support from the nation’s leader is now being employed in the harvesting operations.

Answering the question about his work experience, D. Kurbaev said that he had been working as a machine operator for 23 years of which for 11 years he had been operating a combine harvester during the harvest season. Pointing out the favorable and stimulating environment provided for the farmers and timely payments to them, the combine operator stressed the high efficiency of the agri-machinery from leading foreign manufacturers and once again expressed his appreciation to the head of state.

The nation’s leader highlighted that thanks to hard-working agricultural workers and combine operators, making their meaningful contribution to the country’s economic growth, the harvest campaign would run seamlessly and efficiently.

Addressing the meeting participants, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov assigned to take necessary measures to gather in the wheat crops in the velayat without loss, to ensure the smooth and effective operation of farm machinery and trucks during the harvest time and prompt deliveries of the harvested wheat to the designated grain centers.

Bringing the digital working meeting to a close, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished the attendees success in the agri-campaign and the ongoing efforts to achieve the country’s food self-sufficiency, and expressed his confidence that hardworking farmers would successfully fulfill their contractual obligations and would gather the bountiful harvest.

State Information Agency of Turkmenistan