The President of Turkmenistan held an online working meeting

Today President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has held a virtual working meeting with participation of Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet who supervises agricultural affairs and khyakims of regions in which the issues connected with the course of seasonal agricultural work on production of the rich yield of cotton were considered.

Passing to the meeting’s agenda, the leader of the nation gave the floor to khyakim of Akhal region Ya. Gurbanov who reported on the state of affairs in cotton fields of the region, realised measures to take care of this valuable crop.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov also commissioned related officials to take necessary measures for prevention of diseases and pests in cotton fields, involvement of all agricultural machinery and the units fully to take care of cotton crops.

Further khyakim of Balkan region T.Atakhallyev on behalf of all inhabitants of the region expressed the leader of the nation his huge gratitude for participation in the celebrations which took place the day before on the occasion of the opening the building «Türkmeniň ak öýi» in Balkanabat and stone-laying ceremony of the new International airport in the settlement of Jebel.

Then khyakim of Dashoguz region N.Nazarmyradov, who reported on seasonal agro-technical activities in cotton plantations according to the established standards, was called into contact.

Hardworking cotton growers of the northern region of the country in the year which is passing under the motto «Turkmenistan – Homeland of Peace and Trust», effectively applying ample opportunities created by the state for production of a rich yield of "white gold», work with full return. These days according to agro-technical standards in cotton fields inter-row cultivation, top dressing by mineral fertilizers, vegetative watering is conducted.

The head of the state gave the khyakim concrete instructions on rational and an effective utilisation of agricultural machinery and the equipment involved in process of care of crops, maintenance of workers in fields with all necessary things for productive work.

The online working meeting continued with the report of khyakim of Lebap region Sh.Amangeldiev on the course of seasonal work, including care of cotton crops – inter-row cultivation, feeding by mineral fertilizers and vegetative watering, and also involvement of technical equipment for their use according to standards and terms of agricultural technologies. As it was informed, in bio-laboratories the work aimed at preventive maintenance of diseases and protection of cotton from pests is carried out.

Further khyakim of Mary region D.Annaberdiev reported on the state of affairs in the region, conducted work on care of cotton, including agro-technical activities for vegetative watering, inter-row cultivation, feeding by mineral fertilizers, preventive maintenance of diseases and protection against pests of plants, and also agricultural machinery involvement.

Then Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet E.Orazgeldiev reported on the state of affairs in the supervised sector, seasonal works in cotton fields and undertaken practical steps on the further development of cotton growing.

Having noted that these days are responsible time for farmers, when the basis for successful conduction "white harvest season» and gathering of good harvest of this valuable crop, the leader of the nation gave in this respect corresponding assignments.

It is necessary to hold the special meeting devoted to issues of further development of the agricultural complex, in particular cotton growing, the President of the country said. Specific proposals of scientists, experts of scientific research institutes and branch departments, selectors, and also students of the profile high schools trained to cultivate this strategic crop during the epoch of digital technologies will be in this connection listened.

As the head of Turkmenistan underlined, cotton is our wealth, cotton growing is one of the leading branches of the domestic agro-industrial complex, providing the powerful contribution to realisation of national programs in important replacing and escalation of export potential of the country.

Competitiveness of the agrarian sector grows thanks to cardinal reforms carried out in the given sphere key aspects of which are formation of modern industrial and service infrastructure of agriculture, increase of the standard of farming, wide introduction of the advanced agro-technologies.

As the leader of the nation underlined, today in Turkmenistan there is a huge potential for development of the agrarian sector. Issues of increase of efficiency of agriculture, strengthening of material base of the branch, formation of modern social and economic infrastructure in rural areas will be always in the centre of attention of the state, the President of Turkmenistan said and gave thereupon concrete commissions to the Deputy Chairman and khyakims of regions on realization of tasks in view.

Concluding the virtual working meeting, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished all its participants sound health and big successes in their work directed to maintenance of happy life of the people and further prosperity of our sovereign Fatherland.

State Information Agency of Turkmenistan