Godspeed you, caravan of «white gold»!

On September 8, 2021 a large-scale cotton harvesting began in Turkmenistan. With the blessing of the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov an important agricultural campaign started in Ahal, Balkan, Lebap and Mary velayats. With consideration to the soil-climatic conditions the “white” harvesting period in Dashoguz velayat will be launched on September 15.

This year marked by the 30th anniversary of independence of Fatherland, a heavy crop of “white gold» was produced in the county. And now the main task of the workers of the rural areas is to gather it on fields in the shortest possible time and without loss. Speaking of it on the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held on September 3, the head of state wished the cotton growers and all farmers great success in labour for the sake of further prosperity.

At present an activity proceed on formation of the cotton – textile clusters in regions. Thus, this year in August the new fine-stapled cotton processing textile complex with annual capacity of 5 thousand ton was put into operation in Kaahka etrap of Ahal velayat with the participation of the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The enterprise completed with the up-to-date equipment will produce the high-quality yarn, various fabrics and ready-made cloths.

Total area allocated this year for the cotton plant fields is 620 thousand hectares. In spring they were sowed with medium staple species of cotton «Yolten-7», «Yolten-39», «Dashoguz-120», «Dashoguz-114», «Jeyhun», «149F», «Gubadag-3», «С-2606», а также тонковолокнистым сортом «Yolten-14».

For the country as a whole it is planned to harvest 1 million 250 thousand ton of “white gold”, including 280 thousand ton in Ahal velayat, 10 thousand ton in Balkan velayat, 275 thousand ton in Dashoguz velayat, 320 thousand ton in Lebap velayat, 365 thousand ton in Mary velayat.

During the harvesting period 1 thousand «John Deere 9970» cotton combine harvesters, 2 thousand 227 trucks for cotton transportation, 2 thousand 301 tractor and 3 thousand 620 tractor trailers will be mobilized.

For the cotton plant processing before the mechanical picking the required quantity of defoliant was purchased. As it usually is, not only the specialized tractors will be used here but also the small airplanes.

122 stocking points and 39 cotton gin plants were prepared for receiving of the new harvest of “white gold”.

For stimulation of labour of the tenants - cotton growers, mulkdars, farmers, combiners and drivers during the course of the cotton-picking campaign-2021 the representatives of the Agrarian party, Democratic party and other public organizations award the valuable gifts to the best workers.

In accordance with good folk tradition before starting the crop harvesting the esteemed elders offered a prayer to the Almighty for welfare and prosperity of Fatherland, beloved people under the skillful leadership of the leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Today the first caravans of vehicles and tractors with trailers, loaded to the top with “white gold”, dressed out with the State flags, carpets and banners, arrived to the receiving points and cotton gin plants of Ahal velayat, Lebap velayat, Mary velayat, Balkan velayat.

Within the current celebrations the exhibitions of the agricultural machinery, agro-processing and textile industrial products were arranged. The creative collectives of the region presented the concert programs increased the holiday atmosphere. Foremost workers – best tenants - cotton growers, who have grown the heavy crop of cotton, were awarded the valuable gifts on behalf of the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Turkmenistan: Golden Age