Grain growers in Mary velayat complete winter crops sowing campaign

Agricultural workers in the Mary velayat successfully completed the winter crops sowing campaign. In general, it is planned to harvest at least 345.000 tons of grain from 170.000-hectare territory.

Modern agricultural equipment was involved in the sowing campaign. Seeds of high-yielding wheat varieties, which have proven themselves in the soil and climatic conditions of this region of the country, were sown in the timely cultivated and fertilized soil. Now agricultural workers have to fulfill a responsible task - to carefully observe agrotechnical norms and requirements at all stages of grain cultivation.

Thus, three velayats successfully completed the first stage of the most important agricultural campaign. Comprehensive measures taken within the framework of the agro-industrial reforms, initiated by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, contribute to the systematic increase in wheat production.

Due to the thoughtfulness and efficiency of the reforms, the agricultural industry has reached a qualitatively new level, making Turkmenistan an exporter of food-grade wheat.

The results of the hard work of grain growers contribute to strengthening and increasing the economic power of our Motherland, an inexhaustible source of generosity of the ancient and eternally young Turkmen land.

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