Ak Bugday sowing campaign has been successfully completed in Akhal velayat

The grain growers of the Akhal velayat completed the sowing of winter wheat on time. Thanks to the diligence of farmers, 195 thousand hectares of land have been sown with valuable grain.

The sowing campaign was carried out in compliance with agrotechnical standards, which gives the basis for good forecasts for the next year's harvest.

Thanks to the favorable conditions created in the country for the work of farmers, significant successes are achieved in the agricultural sector of the economy. The state-of-the-art agricultural machinery systematically purchased by the state from the world's leading manufacturers has become a good help for farmers, which contributes to the sowing campaign at the optimum time. Mineral fertilizers, high-quality seeds, and pest control products were prepared in advance.

The dynamic development of agriculture is a significant milestone in the policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, aimed at strengthening the economic power of the Fatherland, increasing the well-being of the people. The large-scale transformations successfully carried out in this area are designed to help solve problems in the field of import substitution and increase the export potential of the agro-industrial complex by increasing the production of various agricultural products.

In 2022, domestic farmers will have to collect 1 million 400 thousand tons of grain, of which 400 tons will be procured in the Akhal velayat. Inspired by the constant support of the leader of the nation, the farmers of the region are determined to fulfill their obligations with dignity.

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