Lebap velayat successfully completes Ak Bugday wheat sowing campaign

Lebap velayat agricultural workers were the first in the country to report on the successful completion of the winter crops sowing campaign on 130-hectare territory sown with a valuable crop.

The sowing campaign took place on time and in compliance with agrotechnical standards.

Though the start of the grain sowing campaign in the country falls on the end of the calendar summer, nevertheless, the Turkmen autumn, according to agricultural scientists, is the most suitable period for sowing winter crops. This time is favorable for the growth of grain.

This season everything has turned out well both in terms of weather and in agrotechnical terms. High-performance and disease-resistant seed varieties were prepared for the sowing campaign. Modern agricultural machinery from leading world manufacturers was involved in work.

Grain growing and cotton growing are strategic directions of the national agricultural sector. The production and processing of ak bugday is one of the key aspects of the agrarian policy, consistently implemented by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

A characteristic feature of the reform in this area is the fact that it is carried out in a fundamentally new economic environment, when entrepreneurship is widely supported and encouraged.

Next year it is planned to produce 1.400 million tons of wheat, including 310.000 tons in the Lebap velayat. The state of the current crops and the selfless work of courageous farmers, inspired by the constant support of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, instill confidence that these obligations will be successfully fulfilled.

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