Ogurjaly island - wonderful world

There is a lot of interesting information about the old Caspian Sea, with its historical roots going back centuries, whisper in an invisible space, spreading far and wide.

One such historical site, located in the sea 45 km from coast of Turkmenbashi city. It is an island Ogurjaly, to the depths of the Caspian Sea, giving a unique decoration to its south-eastern part. Its total area is about nine thousand hectares. It extends 40 km from north to south,

and its width is 1.5--2 km. In the central part of the island there is the Ogurjaly State Nature Reserve, its area is about seven thousand hectares.

The limited nature reserve in question is currently part of the Hazar State Nature Reserve in Turkmenbashi. The reserve, which was opened in 1982, was established here to breed deer. This is because the number of deer included in the Red Data Book of Turkmenistan was declining at that time and they were in danger of extinction. For this purpose, 13 deer were brought from the Badhyz State Nature Reserve. By now their number is already over two thousand. The fodder reserves are well provided here. The relocation of a certain part of the deer to the reserves in the provinces of the country is also carried out on an annual basis. Also, when you see a herd of deer roaming around on a wonderful island, you are even more pleased that the action being taken here is taking place.

By the way, the island of Ogurjali is always given a lot of attention at the state level. The flora and fauna of this area are getting richer and richer. In the cold of winter, the island is prone to cold weather and very cool in the scorching heat of summer. The fresh, favorable climate of Ogurjaly Island creates favorable conditions for the growth of plants and their widespread rooting. According to experts, there are 65 species of them on the island. The wonderful island is more common with astragal, stove, selin, reed and lynx. The strange island is more common with astragal, stove, selin, reed and lynx. The number of registered birds is also more than 120, many of which are species of ducks, seagulls, gulls, cormorant.and partridge. Hundreds of species of birds flock here from Kazakhstan and the colder regions of Russia during the winter months, flocking and flocking and wintering. Even in the spring and autumn, the birds fly en masse to the Esenguly section of the reserve along the coast. In the shallows, in the winter, ducks, red-headed and red-beaked ducks, wild ducks, swans and flamingo are encountered.

According to local State Nature Reserve’s officials, in the circumference of the island, at a depth of 30-50 meters, in a fresh, clear sea water there are common thedifferent species of fish. There is a Caspian seal sanctuary, which is considered to be the only representative of a large group of local endemics and mammals living in the Caspian Sea. It is the smallest of the two species of freshwater seals in the world. Its length reaches an average of 1.5 meters as it grows. Unique features and wonders are unique to the nature of the place, the rich flora and fauna.

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