Labor victory of Turkmen silkworm breeders

Silk growers of the country yielded over 2,300 tons of cocoons to the state, honorably fulfilling contractual obligations for the procurement of valuable raw materials for the textile industry. And this is a concrete result of the state’s efforts under the wise leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov aimed at the comprehensive development of sericulture.

As a result of the systematic work and support of the state in the year “The Epoch of the People with Arkadag”, silk growers harvested and yielded over 2,300 tons of cocoons, successfully fulfilling their contractual obligations.

At a working meeting held by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov on June 8, issues of agricultural development, including sericulture, were discussed. In particular, they talked about a significant increase in investments in this industry, which will create additional jobs, increase the production of valuable raw materials. These decisions will be of great importance for the development of sericulture.

Since ancient times, Turkmens sewed their national clothes from keteni silk fabric. Magnificent, lustrous, durable fabrics ‘mulham’ and ‘kazin’ were made by the golden hands of the masters of Ancient Merv, and Turkmen carpets woven from silk threads were transported by caravans to dozens of countries along the Great Silk Road connecting East and West. Merv had the only sericulture academy in the world.

Currently, at the initiative of Arkadagly Serdar, work is continuing to revive the ancient traditions of sericulture. Special attention is paid to the creation of a solid raw material base of the industry. In this regard, priority is given to planting the best varieties of mulberry trees throughout the country.

Currently, the industrial production of silk is carried out in accordance with the increased requirements. The Ashgabat Silk-winding Factory and the Turkmenabat Silk Production Association, being the main enterprises for processing cocoons, have been completely modernized and equipped with the most modern equipment. New workshops have been opened here, which produce silk carpets, national keteni fabric and other products that are in high demand on the world market, in particular, raw silk, fine silk thread, various silk fabrics, and shawls. These products meet international standards and are in demand among domestic and foreign buyers.

In the modern world of textile business, silk raw materials made from cocoons are an important direction of Turkmen exports. Proposals for the export of high-quality silk fiber, as well as technical textiles used in medicine, the aviation industry and other sectors of the economy, come from relevant foreign companies.

Currently, it becomes obvious that the products of silk-processing enterprises are in demand not only in the weaving and sewing sectors of the domestic textile industry, but are also in great demand in other industries. The significantly increased interest in buying silk yarn and threads of various colors and shades is due to the rapidly developing production of handmade silk carpets, decorative and applied art products, including national embroidery, at private enterprises in recent years.

The integrated development of the textile industry is aimed at solving strategic tasks to increase the production of import-substituting and export-oriented goods. The textile industry, which includes about seventy enterprises located in all the velayats of the country, has a high technological capacity and a reliable raw material base.

Currently, cotton spinning, textile and clothing factories form the basis of the industry’s production base.

Another of the main areas of work of textile industry enterprises is the manufacture of sportswear as part of the implementation of the state program for the development of physical education and sports of the highest achievements in the country. Thus, special orders are being carried out for the design and production of appropriate symbols and attractive costumes, taking into account national characteristics, for the participation of Turkmen athletes in major national and international competitions.

The Turkmen art of carpet-making, which originates in the traditions of the spiritual and material culture of the people, also demonstrates rapid development. Thanks to the progressive policy implemented by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov in the era of the Revival of a new epoch of a powerful state, large-scale activities are being carried out in the country to preserve and enrich the national heritage, the development of carpet weaving.

In order to widely popularize the artistic craft of carpet making, to preserve the best standards of magnificent ancient fabrics, the production structure of the domestic carpet industry is being modernized. On the basis of previously operating factories and production workshops, new ones are being opened and existing ones are being reconstructed. All conditions are created here for fruitful work and the disclosure of the creative abilities of skilled carpet makers.

Currently, skilled craftswomen of the production enterprises of the Türkmenhaly State Association weave magnificent wool and silk carpets, restoring unique samples of the rich spiritual heritage of the Turkmen people.

As the Hero-Arkadag notes, “The Turkmen carpet is a miracle that inspires the human soul, a symbol of the endless love of Turkmens for their nation, language, spirituality, art and noble traditions. The Turkmen carpet is the melody of the Turkmen soul, because the incomparable miracle canvases, amazing with their splendor, variety of colors and the play of unfading colors, reflect the best qualities and mental characteristics of the nation.”

The ornaments of the famous carpet gels have become a kind of visiting card of prosperous Turkmenistan, an integral part of the state symbols of our independent neutral country and signify the unity and cohesion of the people, their inherent wisdom, boundless desire for beauty. They are an important part of the design of buildings and structures, decoration of the architectural appearance of the capital.

Handmade Turkmen carpets, known since ancient times, amaze to this day. In the new historical era, thanks to the great support of Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the author of the wonderful books “Heavenly Beauty” and “Living Legend”, the national art of carpet making is developing and enriching with dignity.

The production capacities of the Türkmenhaly State Association’s enterprises provide a systematic export capacity building of our country, an increase in the production of handmade carpets in order to meet the demand of foreign partners, connoisseurs of this art. Representatives of domestic private business structures also received great opportunities for the broad development of the national carpet craft and the sale of refined and high-quality carpet products on the markets.

Specialized international exhibitions demonstrate the textile industry’s progress. The forums attract the attention of foreign companies and firms interested in expanding cooperation, manufacturing textile products and offering the latest technologies. Furthermore, in order to popularize widely on the world market, domestic textile and carpet products are demonstrated at various international exhibitions.

Employees of specialized enterprises, along with the creation of new production lines, pay special attention to the quality of products that fully comply with the environmental requirements prevailing in our country.

Thus, the labor victory of Turkmen silkworm breeders in the era of the Revival of a new epoch of a powerful state promotes increasing the production potential of the industry and, in general, strengthening the economic power of the Motherland.

 «Turkmenistan: Golden age»